Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Scorched Monster apps

Addictive and fun!!! This game is about just scorching monsters. This is totally worth every second. Plz download and give gpod review. Great game! But needs... New levels (IAP) and new weapons,but for being free and so much fun I give 4 stars Scorched Monster v1.5 Apk Game. Five Stars comes with new updates. By the way,good song from Gavin Harrison.

Platform game where you must quickly hunt down and scorch the monsters that randomly appear with your FLAME THROWER! But WATCH YOUR STEP because evil spikes come out of the ground to stop you!
Scorched Monster is a fun new retro platform game with old school pixel art 80's style graphics for all to love!
To achieve ultimate victory, rank up from Rookie to SCORCH MASTER!!!
Some Details:
- Solid and Responsive controls
- Fun 80's style pixel art retro graphics, sound effects and music
- Cute monsters that MUST BE SCORCHED!
- Cool Power-Ups to help along the way.
- Classic platformer game style where you run, jump, double jump and scorch your way to victory!

What's New
+ Fixed bug so game works on Android 4.3 devices
+ Fixed other bugs
+ Change ads so they only show on game selection screen.
+ Added Moving Monsters! (You must "Start Over" on your current rank to enable them)
+ Hearts now indicate lives rather than "bars"
+ NEW CUSTOM MUSIC by Gavin Harrison!!!
+ For NEW players, we added a new Rank called Beginner that will help get players started.
 more info : Scorched Monster
Great This is a great game I look forward to seeing future updates and more games like it  How do you quit this game?!?! From the main menu back only brings up the same menu as start does. And the phone's actual menu key does nothing. Very annoying that I must force close the app to turn it off. Just hitting home key will allow it to stay active in the background which is a huge no no for games. Please fix.

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